About RG Alternatives

Our company, RG Alternatives Ltd., specialize in LED Lighting Technology and have been set up for the last seven years. The company promotes Green Energy, while meeting the client’s budget and requirements.

RG Alternatives offers a complete approach for each individual project. Through the Company’s Engineers and Technical staff it can offer its clients with the design, Dialux reports, suggest the best options of LED Light fittings and also the actual installation of the light fittings. All these are done while keeping the cost for the client as low as possible. One of the company’s strength is, that once a project is finalized, we make sure that the client is satisfied with our service and also have peace of mind with the after sales service that the company offers.

The company is based in Malta, and this gives the company and added advantage, as being based at a strategic place like the center of the Mediterranean, it allows the company to offer its services to Europe and the African Continent with ease.

In a short period of time RG Alternatives has become a market leader for the industrial sector and is proud of the projects that have been carried out with the LED fittings it has supplied to the industrial projects in Malta.

Some of the projects include electrical retro fit of neon tubes to LED tubes, High Bays, Flood Lights, Street Lights, Soffit Panels, Explosion Proof Flood Lights and many more. These light fittings were installed in factories, parking areas, showrooms, offices, airport, hotels and more.

Clients who have availed themselves of our LED Lights and services are: ST Microelectronics, Playmobil, Trelleborg, Baxter, Actavis, Pharmacare, General Soft Drinks (Agent of Coca Cola) and Metalform as factories. We have also supplied LED Lights to Malta International Airport, Malta Freeport, Medserv, Tug Malta, Lufthansa Technik, Hilton Hotel, and Renault & Dacia Showroom. We have also installed LED light fittings in Petrol Stations and Supermarkets.

Recently our company have also been awarded the contract of street lights for the new Kappara LED street and junction project in Malta, which involves street lights and decorative light fittings.

RG Alternatives is committed to offer an optimum quality product and service in LED Lighting Technology, and we look forward in offering our services to your good self. RG Alternatives is also the parent company of LTC LED Lighting. LTC LED Lighting specializes in Industrial, Commercial, Sports and Domestic LED Lighting. However, in 2018, we opened our first light shop where we sell home decorative products like chandeliers, pendant lights, picture lights , desk lamps, ceiling lights and more. You can now visit our industrial and the newly opened light shop in St.Paul Street, Naxxar.


RG Alternatives offers a holistic approach to each individual project. We meet with the client so that we understand their needs and requirements. An on site visit is also carried out, and this will enable us to draw up a Dialux report, which will identify the light fittings required for the project. With this information in hand our technical advisors will be in a position to offer the best possible solutions, keeping the best interest of the client on the forefront of our offer. RG Alternatives can also offer the services of installation for the light fittings offered.

                Summary of the services  we offer:

                - Lighting Design

                - Consultancy

Some of our clients

  • Playmobil
  • Crane Currency
  • Baxter
  • Lufthansa Technik
  • Farsons
  • MetallForm
  • Malta Freeport
  • Malta International Airport
  • ST Microelectronics
  • Prominent Fluid Controls
  • Siefert MTM Systems