Do Dimmer Switches Save Power?

13 Nov 2019

A short introduction to dimmer switches.

The energy saving power of lighting has quickly grown over the years, and still is to this day. In the commercial and industrial space, a lot of companies are making the switch over from older technology lighting fixtures like metal halide and other HID lights over to LED fixtures. On top of the energy savings LED can bring over older types of lights, commercial dimmers can yield even great energy reduction and thus a greater reduction in your facilities utility bills month to month.

So what is a dimmer, do dimmers save energy, and should I use a dimmer switch? Let’s find out!

What is a dimmer switch?

A dimmer switch for LED lights gives you the control through a simple panel to change the amount of light that a lighting fixture (or fixtures) produces. You can dim lights as low as you so desire or as high as your light was designed to allow.

By having a commercial dimmer switch at your disposal, you can change the lights to match the mood, atmosphere, or even time of day to your needs and facilities guidelines.

Now onto the question you’ve all been waiting for, do commercial dimmer switches save energy?

Do dimmer switches save power?

The short answer is yes, dimmer switches do save you energy.

Should we use a dimmer switch?

Everyone’s situation is different, and your facility may or may not be suited for a dimmer switch. Typically, if you only use your lights at full capacity and don’t see a use for ever dimming your lights due to your usage times, then a dimmer switch probably isn’t needed.

Whereas if you plan to use lights during times of day where you need some light but not all of it, then you can probably make it a reasonable purchase to get some dimmer switches for your lights. Also, if you need to create certain types of work environments throughout the days and do this by change the lumen output from your lights, a dimmer once again would be a good option.

Dimmer Switches with LED

Are all LED Products dimmable? No. To be dimmable, the product must contain either a dimmable LED driver or a 0-10V LED Driver. Both indoor and outdoor products can benefit from dimming. Outdoor lights like parking lot lights can be equipped with a motion sensor and dim automatically when no motion is detected.

Dimmer switches are available at LTC LED Lighting. Customers have the option to choose between 4 different options of switches. The plastic white, glass white, glass champagne and glass black. All models are available from stock and available to view at our showroom in St.Paul street, Naxxar.